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Software engineer

The software engineer has a master’s degree and specializes in software development or functions peripheral to development. Putting development at the heart of everything is a bias that will allow us to present 27 exciting jobs, for which many companies are recruiting (job opportunities in France), with attractive salaries.

To note that this article is completed by a second one, which presents the specific occupations of embedded software engineers.


Software engineer Roles

Software engineer roles: we will start by focusing on software design with the software architect. We will then go into the details of the software development professions:

  • Developer, lead developer, back-end developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer,
  • Web developer, Drupal developer,
  • iOS or Android mobile developer,
  • Developer specializing in: Java, C++, .net, Python,

Finally, we will present several professions peripheral to software development:

  • DevOps,
  • Software development project manager, project manager officer, business manager,
  • Cybersecurity engineer, pentester,
  • Data scientist, Business Intelligence consultant, Natural Language Processing engineer (NLP engineer).

Software architect

The software architect is an experienced engineer with a global vision of the software or application to design. His role is to learn about the existing code, interact with different stakeholders (specifiers, users, developers) and synthesize everything in a software architecture and an associated development plan.

For more details about the software architect.


In this article, we define the developer as a computer engineer who designs software based on an architecture, a programming language, and a technology environment. His work is composed of 3 parts:

  • Analysis,
  • Development and testing,
  • The deployment.

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Lead programmer

The lead programmer is an experienced computer engineer who mixes technical and managerial functions. We also talk about tech lead, software manager etc.

He is responsible for the projects, including technical choices, and follows the work of his developers. Furthermore, he must ensure the rapid rise of their skills.

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Now, let’s introduce the roles of back-end developer, front-end developer and full-stack developer.

Front-end developer

The front-end developer is an engineer responsible for the user visible part of a software or an application. His purpose is to provide an easy-to-use interface, for example a web portal or a mobile application.

For more details about the front-end developer.

Back-end developer

The back-end developer is in charge of the code placed on a server, generally located very far from the user. This engineer takes care of all the technical and functional aspects necessary for the functioning of a website or an application (ex: business layer, data storage …).

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Full-stack developer

The full-stack developer performs the synthesis between the back-end developer and the front-end developer; for example, he can support both the user interface and the hardware infrastructure necessary for its operations.

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Web developer

The web developer is an engineer specializing in web development. He can specialize in the front-end or back-end parts, which we have just presented, or be full-stack.

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Drupal developer

The Drupal developer is a software engineer specializing in the Drupal Content Management System (CMS); this CMS is more precisely a PHP framework.

The developer Drupal thus participates in the creation of highly technical websites and intervenes during the various stages of their realization.

For more details about the Drupal developer.

Now, let’s talk about developers specializing in a particular programming language.

JAVA Developer

JAVA Developer, it’s very close to C ++ developer or developer in any other programming language. This consists of understanding a need, to specify it in actions or behaviors and to give it a shape, even virtual.

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C++ Developer

C++ developer is a software engineer specializing in the C ++ programming language. It supports all or some tasks in the project lifecycle (specifications, architecture, coding, unit and integration testing, delivery, writing technical documentation).

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.NET Developer

The .NET developer is a software engineer who tries to answer technical and business issues using the .NET framework, which includes a set of products and technologies from Microsoft.

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Python Developer

The Python developer performs a wide variety of tasks: coding scipts, creating tools or even creating websites.

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Now, let’s introduce the mobile developers, with two specialties: iOS and Android.

iOS Developer

The iOS developer is a software engineer specializing in technologies and products from Apple. He’s in the same area as the Android developer … except that he codes apps around Google’s mobile operating system.

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Android Developer

The Android developer is a software engineer who can be involved in all stages of the V cycle and, depending on the project, work on the HMI (material design), communication (eg BLE – Wifi for connected objects or WebServices for remote servers), databases, etc.

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After this rapid overview of software development professions, let us now present a certain number of peripheral professions.

DevOps engineer

The DevOps engineer is a professional who intervenes at the interface between development and operations. He combines the skills of the developer and the system administrator. His role is to set up, administer and support computer systems dedicated to developers and that allow them to facilitate their work, for example for teams of several hundred members in different locations.

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Let’s now introduce two professions in the field of computer security.

Cyber Security Engineer

The cyber security engineer analyzes IT systems to locate potential vulnerabilities and proposes patches in order to secure them. To summarize, he protects information systems, where the pentester attacks them to test their vulnerability.

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The pentester researches the security vulnerabilities of a computer system then carries out real-life intrusion tests in order to reveal them. For example, he will enter a server and leave a file on it to prove his statement to the team that installed it.

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Now, let’s introduce three jobs in the field of big data.

Data Scientist

The data scientist deals with the entire data processing chain – from acquisition to manipulation – with the aim of transforming it, with a focus on advanced algorithmic and programming.

It’s a job that combines mathematics, programming, statistics and even marketing.

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Business Intelligence Consultant

The business intelligence consultant, also called BI engineer, is responsible for the exploitation of big data to facilitate decision-making.

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Natural Language Processing Software Engineer

The natural language processing software engineer designs and implements a set of computer and technical programs for the purpose of automatically processing the human natural language. It is a discipline on the border of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

For more details about natural language processing software engineer.

Now, let’s present some professions in the field of management.

Project Management Officer

The project management officer is a person who supports the applicant in the realization of a software project (organization of tenders, follow-up of developments, verification of deliverables etc.).

For more details about the project management officer.

The technical translation of the functional needs expressed by the applicant is provided by the software development project manager.

Software Development Project Manager

The software development project manager role is to ensure the success of the projects entrusted to his team, by respecting quality, time and cost indicators.

He offers technical solutions, facilitates the work of his teams (e.g. training, management of increases and decreases in load, monitoring of work etc.) and provides reporting.

For more details about the software development project manager.

Sales Engineer

The sales engineer ensures the commercial development of his perimeter, recruits consulting engineers to carry out the projects and finally manages his team on a daily basis.

In the field of information and communication technologies, the fact of being a software engineer prior to becoming a sales engineer brings a real added value, as much for the relations with the customers of his company (to understand their needs) as for his consulting engineers (to understand their professional expectations).

For more details about sales engineer.

Become a Software Engineer

To become a software engineer, one must have a master’s degree in computer science course. At the level of specialization, many choices are possible given the range of jobs (not exhaustive!) that we have presented…

Software Engineer Skills

The software engineer has very good abilities to analyze the problems that are entrusted to him, and knows how to convert them at the software level so as to solve them by means of coding.

He thus masters several programming languages. Often, he has his “mother tongue” (the language with which he expresses himself perfectly), but is fluent in many other languages.

These languages evolving permanently, training in the latest novelties in a continuous way is essential.

Finally, soft skills are essential. It is also the basis on which the software engineer can develop complementary skills in management for example.

Software Engineer Salary

What is the salary of a software engineer? We presented about thirty jobs, it is almost impossible to answer this question precisely.

What we can say nevertheless is that the salary of a software engineer depends on his educational background, his experience, his specialty, or the country/region where he works.

Software Engineer Main Employers

The main employers of software engineers are diverse. This can be software publishers, companies of all sizes operating in a multitude of industries (digital, transport, IoT, medical, telecommunications …).

These companies regularly call on technological partners, in other words specialized companies that accompany them in carrying out their projects. Some of these specialized companies are recruiting.

Software Engineers Job Opportunities

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