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ADVANS Group companies regularly recruit business engineers, business managers and business unit managers.


On this page, we present the missions of the business engineer, what makes this profession exciting, the possible career developments and explain why join the ADVANS Group.


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Business engineer at the ADVANS Group

The business engineer at ADVANS Group has three main activities:

Recruitment: identify and recruit future employees.

Business development: develop the customer portfolio, win new projects.

Management: follow the projects and careers of your team members.

These activities are carried out within a regional sales team made up of business engineers, business managers, business unit managers and a regional director, all in conjunction with the sales director.


As the projects are very often carried out within several ADVANS Group technical centers, collaborations with international colleagues are usual.

What makes this job exciting?

Business engineering is fascinating because it is very diverse, punctuated by the different roles that we have just presented (recruitment/commercial development/management). We never get bored.


At ADVANS Group, we practice it in high-tech environments, with cutting-edge projects.

We fight every day to land stimulating projects for our engineers, which will allow them to progress in their careers.


Finally, we take the well-being of our teams very seriously, ensuring we offer a caring and friendly working atmosphere, so that everyone flourishes on a daily basis.

Business engineers

Your career prospects


Duties & responsibilities

Most often, you start your career as a junior business engineer.

In pairs with a business manager or a business unit manager, the business engineers are trained in the different aspects of their job (commercial development/operational HR/management), then become increasingly autonomous in their missions.

How to become a business engineer at ADVANS Group ?

As Samy says in his testimonial “Business engineer at ADVANS Group is above all a foundation of strong human skills. And then business/sales techniques if you want, but that’s not the main thing, it’s really who you are and if you want to do that.”

Thus, within our technical teams, we regularly offer design/developer engineers the opportunity to take on this challenge with us and support them in their career development.

We also recruit young engineers, ideally with initial experience in one of the ADVANS Group’s specialties (embedded systems, software, mechanics), but also business engineers who have already held this role in another company.

Finally, we welcome students as part of a end-of-study internship (for example Léa) or a work-study program (for example Claire-Vi).

You will find the testimonials of Samy, Léa and Claire-Vi a little further down.


Duties & responsibilities

After being a business engineer, you can be promoted to business manager. The fundamentals of the profession remain the same, but you are moving more and more to the front line.

You are entrusted with the operational monitoring of a first major client, you begin to co-construct with the technical management responses to complex calls for tenders, you carry out second interviews with job applicants, you increasingly support the business unit manager in its missions etc.

How to become a business manager at ADVANS Group?

After a first successful experience as a business engineer, you reach the position of business manager both through recruitment and internal promotion.

Always with the same typical profile: strong human qualities (soft skills), the attraction and understanding of technology (engineering profile) and a developed business sense.


Roles & responsibilities

At ADVANS Group, a business unit is a group of people (engineers and sales team) brought together within a dedicated entity.

This entity can be an establishment in a city, or a sub-entity of a major design center (for example composed of around a hundred engineers).

Other possible names: agency manager, or design center manager.

The business unit managers thus manage a profit center and the teams attached to it. They manage commercial development as well as recruitment, career and team retention aspects.

How to become a business unit manager at ADVANS Group?

As with other predominantly commercial functions, you can reach this role both through recruitment and internal promotion.

You occupy this position after having proven yourself as a business manager, or after having already exercised the same role as business unit manager within another company.


Roles & responsibilities

At ADVANS Group, a major account is a client whose overall turnover is greater than one million Euros, but this amount can be significantly higher for our largest international clients.

The Key Account Manager (KAM) manages the entire commercial and technical team working on the client’s projects.

This team is generally made up of several business engineers/business managers/business unit managers, members of the technical and quality management, dozens or even hundreds of engineers, distributed within different ADVANS Group locations, in France and abroad, or even directly on customer site.

The key account manager ensures the coordination and efficiency of all these stakeholders, and is accountable to the client as the main contact.

The key account manager also aims to maintain or even develop these activities in order to ensure the group’s growth.

How to become a key account manager at ADVANS Group?

You can access this role through internal promotion, after having excelled in the commercial part of a business unit manager position. The two roles can also be combined.

You can also join ADVANS Group after having already successfully exercised the same role as key account manager within another company.


At ADVANS Group, our business engineers have all completed a master’s degree in engineering.


Some already had commercial experience before joining us, but this is not a prerequisite: we have extensive experience in training business engineers, whether engineers working as designers/developers/project managers and wishing to progress towards these new responsibilities, or young graduates, interns or work-study students.


We invite you to watch the testimonials of:

Léa, business engineer at AViSTO after and end-of-study internship inside the ADVANS Group.

Emmanuel, business manager at AViSTO.

Alexandre, business manager at ELSYS Design.

Samy, business unit manager at ELSYS Design. Samy has completed his entire career with us: electronics engineer , business engineer, business manager and currently Rhône-Alpes regional manager.

Laurent, business unit manager after several commercial experiences in engineering companies.

Pascal, sales director after having spent almost his entire career at ELSYS Design.


“What I like about my job at AViSTO are these three quite diverse roles: recruiting engineers who are passionate about their job, who identify with the company’s values.


Being able to interact with clients to offer these employees projects that are challenging, interesting and will allow them to progress in their careers.


Finally, participate in the technical activities of the technical center, discuss with employees about the development of their careers. All these activities make the job very diverse and you never get bored.”


“There are two values ​​that are dear to us and that I see on a daily basis. The first is empathy: we are a family company, people centric, you can feel it, you just have to spend a day with us to see it. We listen to our employees, we want them to feel good.


The second value is sharing: our engineers have a good spirit, they help each other, we all have different know-how, whether seniors or juniors, we all have something to teach the others. This is something I see every day and which I particularly like at AViSTO.”


“The greatest satisfaction in my job is to bet on a candidate, an engineer, who may be junior or senior, to help him/her develop on a project which will stimulate him/her, which will teach him/her things and which will enable him/her to flourish. So the employee feedback is already interesting.


And it is closely linked with customer satisfaction.


So the “employee satisfaction/customer satisfaction” combo is the most interesting in my job, I think. »


“The main challenges for a young engineer who is going to become a business engineer will be forgetting to think in “Excel table” mode.


Above all, we manage people, we need to listen, “feel” the person in front of us, whether it is a job applicant, an engineer, a client.


You have to listen and learn to be silent. It’s the advice and change of mindset that you need to have.”


“Joining ELSYS Design as a business engineer means joining a company with real technical excellence, with attractive products and services.


It’s also a reputation: ELSYS is known and recognized by many clients.


And it also means joining a company with real human values, an atmosphere, friendliness and dynamism.”


“For business engineering people, we have many opportunities. Depending on your experience, positions as business engineer and also business manager. We also take on interns and work-study students who we train on our processes.


For more experienced people, we have positions of senior business manager, key account manager, business unit manager, both to strengthen our current locations and to take charge of our new locations in the years to come in France, or abroad.”

Training program

The role of business engineer at ADVANS Group is wide, combining human, technical, commercial and managerial skills.


It is rare to excel in all areas, so we naturally support the members of our teams in their development of skills.


All our business engineers/managers, regardless of their level of experience, have access to our internal training program made up of nine main areas:



Sales of structured offers

Soft skills


Team management


Foreign languages



These trainings are offered within three courses:

Business engineer

Business manager

Management (Business Unit Manager/Design Center Manager/Regional Director)

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ELSYS Design welcomes junior engineers in the areas of:







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ELSYS Eastern Europe welcomes junior engineers in the areas of electronics, embedded software and application software.

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AViSTO Eastern Europe welcomes junior engineers in the area of DevOps, application software and embedded software.



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