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What could be better than an end-of-study internship or a work-study program to get your foot in the door and discover a company from the inside?


ADVANS Group welcomes interns and work-study students each year within its various design centers.


Find out why you should join us, our opportunities, testimonials and some practical information.


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Why choose the ADVANS Group ?

If you like engineering, and want to carry out projects at the cutting edge of technology, in a human and caring environment, then read the following!


With us, you will put into practice and deepen your theoretical knowledge, discover new languages ​​and tools, all supervised by an experienced engineer.


These internships/work-study programs are mainly aimed at students in their last year of engineering school or university because they are pre-employment type opportunities: if everything has gone well, we will offer you to stay with us for your first job!


We offer internships/work-study programs in the main ADVANS Group specialties:

Embedded Electronics Systems Design – ELSYS Design and its subsidiaries

Embedded software


UVM Verification

Printed Circuit Board

Embedded systems

Business engineering

Application Software Development – AViSTO and its subsidiaries

Software development (Object oriented / Web / Mobile)


Quality Assurance

Functional analysis

Project management

Business engineering

Mechanical Design – MECAGINE and its subsidiaries

Mechanical design

Your career prospects

After your internship or work-study program, if everything has gone well, we will invite you to continue the adventure with us in order to participate in the design of ever more efficient complex systems.


Here are your main career prospects:


Duties & responsabilities

Supervised by managers from a technical background, you will have the opportunity to discover several sectors of activity, work environments and technologies.

In a few years, you will be able to build up a wealth of experience, built on a foundation of sought-after skills, and thus progress towards senior positions.

How to become a design engineer/development engineer at ADVANS Group ?

We recruit students with a Master’s degree in our areas of expertise (electronics, software, IT, mechanics, etc.).


Duties & responsibilities

The technical leads/domain leads manage the developments of their teams and ensure that deadlines are met.

They must also position themselves as facilitators, so that all members of their teams are able to express their full potential.

Finally, ADVANS Group colleagues can contact them to help them resolve a technical problem.

How to become a tech lead/domain lead at ADVANS Group?

To become a technical lead/domain lead, you must first have built up solid experience in your area of ​​expertise (electronics/software/mechanics, etc.).

This allows you to benefit from “technical legitimacy” which is particularly useful for team management.


Roles & responsibilities

The project managers are responsible for managing workloads and schedules, meeting deadlines, managing and maintaining the dynamics of the teams working on the different projects and communicating with the client.

At ADVANS Group, they can also be required to intervene at the technical level.

Finally, if necessary, they can give advice to engineers in their teams.

How to become a project manager at ADVANS Group?

To become a project manager at ADVANS Group, you must have previously held a designer or developer position.

This makes it possible, for example, to accurately estimate the time needed to complete different tasks.


Roles & responsibilities

After a technical internship, or after a position as a design engineer/development engineer, you have the possibility of choosing the profession of business engineer.

In pairs with a senior business manager or a business unit manager, the business engineers are trained in the different aspects of their job (commercial development/operational HR/project monitoring), then become increasingly autonomous in their missions.

How to become a business engineer at ADVANS Group ?

As Samy says in his testimonial “Business engineer at ADVANS Group is above all a foundation of strong human skills. And then business/sales techniques if you want, but that’s not the main thing, it’s really who you are and if you want to do it.”

We can also offer you to take on this challenge with us once you graduate, and will support you in your career development.


80 to 90% of our interns/work-study students continue the adventure with us.


This was for example the choice of Pauline (hardware engineer), Guilhem and Baptiste (embedded software engineers), Isabelle (FPGA & ASIC designer), Marie (verification engineer), Ryana (application software engineer), Yann & Fabien (Cloud engineers/DevOps) and Léa (business engineer): all of them joined ADVANS Group after their end-of-study internship.


Claire-Vi (business engineer), for her part, joined us after a work-study program.


“ELSYS places great importance on monitoring and training young engineers.


I was carefully followed during my internship, and also during my first projects as an engineer.


What is also interesting is the diversity of topics and projects proposed.”


“The end-of-study project is a gateway to the professional world and we must ask ourselves the question of how we want to work tomorrow. Do we rather want a young, dynamic team, to be surrounded by competent people, with freedom as we felt during our internship?


I think if these are the things we are looking for, ELSYS Design is a very good candidate to work in this context.”


“During my end-of-study internship at ELSYS Design, I worked on an autonomous surveillance robot, particularly on the FPGA part.


We were a team of 3 interns, one in software and one in hardware.


It was interesting to see the collaboration between these 3 professions, but also to see the different constraints that this could bring.”


“If I stayed at ELSYS Design once again it was for the verification expertise, but also because I have a living environment which is still very cool.


Whether geographically, technically given that we are surrounded by many experts and humanly too, I have a team that is great.


It makes us just want to stay here.”


“What I like about AViSTO is the mutual help, the very warm atmosphere, we are integrated very quickly. […]


It’s not complicated to ask for help, everyone is always attentive and available.”


“What I like most about AViSTO and what pushed me to stay (at the end of my internship) is the feeling of family. […] We are really looking for a project that can please the individual.


[…] We can be proactive and we are always listened to: on the technical aspects when we propose solutions, but also on the managerial aspects”


“Software development, if you like it, it’s what we do best.


All this technical sophistication in the projects.


That’s what I think makes us love working at AViSTO.”


“Within the company, we have the opportunity to achieve the mission and career we want. […] we have the opportunity to become what we want to be.”

Apply for an internship or an end-of-study program

To apply, you can go to the following web pages.

If you find no internship offer when you browse these pages, don’t hesitate to send a spontaneous application.



ELSYS Design welcomes trainees in the areas of:







AViSTO welcomes trainees in the areas of:







MECAGINE welcomes trainess in the areas of:







ELSYS Eastern Europe welcomes trainees in the areas of electronics, embedded software and application software.

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AViSTO Eastern Europe welcomes trainees in the area of DevOps, application software and embedded software.



Joining ADVANS Group in Portugal, you will step in our new subdidiary, with great career opportunities. Join build the company!