QA Services

About our QA Services

ADVANS Group has been proposing QA services for more than 10 years.


We support worldwide industry leaders and highly specialized companies by building and managing their test and validaton environment.


We help them set-up the:

  • Test strategy and the associated processes
  • Tests themselves
  • Test implementation and automation
  • Testing tools (static / dynamic)
  • Appropriate monitoring and reporting
  • Decision-making processes


Our QA services are:

  • Based on ISTQB standardized processes and can also adapt to constrained normative environments depending on the sector of activity.
  • Adapted to Agile or Waterfall Delivery processes.


Our added-value lies in our:

  • Software/DevOps/QA/cybersecurity/data deep expertise,
  • Technology agnosticism,
  • Ability to offer fully customized solutions.


We have 10 software development centers in France and Serbia and a branch in the Silicon Valley.

We can set-up a dedidated QA team to facilitate your software deployment and to increase the quality of the product delivered and running in production.


Are you looking for a QA services company to assist you in your projects? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Why testing is important?

Testing and validation make it possible to qualify your software product and to:

  • Guarantee its technical quality
  • Validate its functionalities
  • Guarantee your level of security
  • Validate your performance

Continuous testing

Continuous testing is the process of running automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline.

They provide immediate feedback on the risks associated with a software version that is a candidate for production.

Continuous testing introduced a set of tests triggered automatically by the development environment as well as more traditional tests triggered by developers/testers.

The scope of continuous testing extends from validating user stories to evaluating system requirements in relation to the overall objectives of the software to be tested/validated.

Key benefits of our QA Services

Our QA services aim to optimize your software validation stage. Here are their main advantages:


Implementation of non-regression tests and updating with each new delivery.


Automation of tests, integration into a continuous deployment chain.


Continuous quality control to deliver your products with confidence.

Priductivity gains

Continuous testing carried out as early as possible (shift-left), for problems discovered at the earliest.

Enhanced collaboration

Development and testing teams that work closely together, share many responsibilities, and combine their processes.

Cost optimization

An ADVANS Group team shared between several customers for cost optimization.

Intervention modes

Here are our typical intervention modes:

Audit and recommendations

Definition of an intervention scope and a QA contract

Establishment of a dedicated team (capacity commitment and catalog of services)

Remote intervention

Expertise missions

Service catalogue

QA Services Client Success Stories

Here are 3 of our project references in the QA area:



Implementation of a suite of 8000 automated non-regression tests.

Daily monitoring of campaigns and feedback to development teams.

Technologies: Python, Selenium, ALM, Agile.



Development of an NFC test bench and of the the Automation Framework.
Implementation of functional non-regression tests.

Technologies: Python, NFC.



Automation of existing tests, development of Python libraries implementing the application protocol.

Implementation of functional non-regression tests.

Technologies: Python, pytest, CAN, modbus.

Looking for a QA Services Company?

ADVANS Group is an international engineering services group of companies with a unique offer combining:


10+ years of experience in QA

Quality and Confidentiality

Management System complying with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & ISO-27001 standards


Building long term partnerships with our customers

Technical DNA

Founders, technical teams and business managers are all engineers


More than engineers, we are passionate people


To target excellence, passion is a pre-requisite

ADVANS Group, Where Passion Leads to Excellence.

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