Through the AViSTO Eastern Europe and ELSYS Eastern Europe subsidiaries based in Serbia, ADVANS Eastern Europe proposes nearshore design services. This offer makes it possible to meet customers’ expectations in terms of cost optimization, without sacrificing the quality of developments.

ADVANS Eastern Europe

In the area of embedded systems, ADVANS Eastern Europe proposes a complete range of services dedicated to the design of digital, analog, mixed and RF integrated circuits as well as embedded software development.

Furthermore, in the area of software in a broad sense, we have a strong skills in DevOps, sysadmin, and remote support.

The ADVANS Eastern Europe teams are composed of engineers specialized in the latest technologies and hardware/software architectures.

ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO26000 Certifications

ADVANS Eastern Europe has a quadruple ISO-certification:

  • ISO9001, for quality management.
  • ISO27001, for the security of its information systems.
  • ISO14001, for environmental management.
  • ISO26000, for social and environmental responsibility.

These different certifications prove the strength of the ADVANS Eastern Europe internal processes and infrastructure.

Nearshore in Serbia

The ADVANS Eastern Europe premises are located in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, two hours by plane from Paris; no visa is required for the French citizens. ADVANS Eastern Europe has another design center in Novi Sad, the third biggest city of Serbia by its population.

ADVANS Eastern Europe was founded in 2004. Numerous projects have been successfully carried out, proving if necessary the technical and relational qualities of our Serbian engineers.

Our Serbian subsidiaries have their own technical organization and significant resources, including secure and scalable premises, as well as a secure IT infrastructure.

ADVANS Eastern Europe is thus able to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of cost optimization, without sacrificing the quality of developments.