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You like technology and want to work on ambitious projects in the fields of embedded systems, application software or mechanics.

On this page, find out why choose ADVANS Group, your future role, the opportunities we propose to senior engineers, testimonials and our opportunities.


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Why choose the ADVANS Group ?

ADVANS Group brings together companies specializing in the fields of embedded electronic systems, application software and mechanics.


We love technology, thinking, being intellectually stimulated, being involved in ambitious projects, for the most famous international companies in the electronics and software areas.


Our recognized expertise leads us to work in many domains, with a wide diversity of applications, technological stacks, components, constraints, development methodologies, etc.


In short, if you like working on cutting-edge technologies, you will flourish at work with us.


We offer opportunities to senior engineers in the main ADVANS Group specialties:

Embedded Electronics Systems Design – ELSYS Design and its subsidiaries

Embedded software


UVM Verification

Printed Circuit Board

Embedded systems

Business engineering

Application Software Development – AViSTO and its subsidiaries

Software development (Object oriented / Web / Mobile)


Quality Assurance

Functional analysis

Project management

Business engineering

Mechanical Design – MECAGINE and its subsidiaries

Mechanical design

Your role

Generally speaking, senior engineers participate to varying degrees in the technical and quality monitoring of the projects. Your experience allows you to resolve technical issues, or even anticipate them.


This can involve managing a team: finding the right tasks for everyone, understanding different personalities, supporting people in their individual development and that of the team. The numerous events that we organize (technical meetings, seminars, fun and sporting activities, etc.) also help to create this feeling of belonging to a group.


Beyond management, there is a transmission/mentoring aspect with the supervision of young engineers and interns. You transmit to them the rules of development, the good routines to adopt, the standards of profesional rigor.

More generally, you can play a support role for our engineers who encounter technical difficulties in your area of ​​expertise. This role is called “domain lead” at ADVANS Group.


You interact regularly with our business managers, and often are a privileged technical interface with the client.


Finally, as a key engineer in your design center, you will continue to learn by interacting with domain leads/experts in areas that you are less familiar with.

If you wish, you can also benefit from training to complete/strengthen your skills and thus optimize your leadership.

Your career prospects

Here are some examples of positions carried out by senior engineers at ADVANS Group:


Duties & responsibilities

At ADVANS Group, you participate in the design of ever more efficient complex systems.

Supervised by managers from a technical background, you have the opportunity to continue enriching your skills, by varying sectors of activity, work environments and technologies.

How to become a senior design engineer/development engineer at ADVANS Group ?

You have become an experienced engineer after having successfully completed several projects in at least one of our specialties (electronics, software, mechanics, etc.).


Duties & responsibilities

The technical leads/domain leads manage the developments of their teams and ensure that deadlines are met.

They must also position themselves as facilitators, so that all members of their teams are able to express their full potential.

Finally, ADVANS Group colleagues can contact them to help them resolve a technical problem.

How to become a tech lead/domain lead at ADVANS Group?

To become a technical lead/domain lead, you must first have built up solid experience in your area of ​​expertise (electronics/software/mechanics, etc.).

This allows you to benefit from “technical legitimacy” which is particularly useful for team management.


Roles & responsibilities

As an architect, you work closely with the technical manager, with an often very extensive scope of action.

For a software architect, for example, you are involved in the phases of specifications, architecture and technical expertise, supervision and technical support for teams, validation and monitoring of deliverables and verification of associated documentation.

How to become an architect at ADVANS Group?

To become an architect at ADVANS Group, you must have at least 5 years of experience in solutions architecture or technical management (e.g. project manager).


Roles & responsibilities

The project managers are responsible for managing workloads and schedules, meeting deadlines, managing and maintaining the dynamics of the teams working on the different projects and communicating with the client.

At ADVANS Group, they can also be required to intervene at the technical level.

Finally, if necessary, they can give advice to engineers in their teams.

How to become a project manager at ADVANS Group?

To become a project manager at ADVANS Group, the ideal path is to first occupy a designer or developer position.

Why? This experience will allow you, for example, to accurately estimate the time needed to complete different tasks, and more generally to be a true specialist.

And when talking to the senior engineers of your teams, this technical background will contribute to legitimize your decisions.


Roles & responsibilities

In this position, you intervene in the pre-sales process (call for tenders), ensure compliance with quality/cost/deadline commitments and lead a community of project managers.

You are also required to directly manage large-scale projects with high financial and/or strategic challenges.

How to become a project director at ADVANS Group?

To become a project director at ADVANS Group, you must have around fifteen years of experience in the field of engineering, half of which in project management.


Roles & responsibilities

During calls for tenders, you are responsible for technical responses. Supported by a team of engineers, you propose solutions to respond to customer issues.

You validate them, but your role is above all to identify in advance all the potential risks linked to the development of the product – risks inherent to each part of the development (electronics, software, mechanics, etc.), but also to their interactions.

How to become a technical manager at ADVANS Group?

At ADVANS Group, you need experience, but also a multi-domain view.

For example, the electronic technical manager must gain a global perspective to delimit the response perimeter; more precisely, the elements of quality, cost, etc. on which we agree to make commitments to the client.


Let’s listen to:

  • Xavier (embedded software domain lead),
  • Jérôme (senior FPGA engineer),
  • Julien (project manager),
  • Arnaud (technical director),
  • Julien (DevOps domain lead),
  • Thibault (project director),
  • Stéphane (project manager),
  • Jérémy (business unit manager).


“At ELSYS Design, we work with a lot of FPGA engineers, which allows software engineers to know how to adapt to hardware architectures that will change a lot during the project, either at the address level or at the hardware block level.”


“Since I arrived at ELSYS Design, I started with a project in the nuclear sector, on FPGA verification, which was interrupted by the pandemic.


I switched to space industry, where I validated a new European component, an ARM32 based SoC, during which I validated all the technical functioning.


And I moved on to a project that integrates this component, for the future Galileo G2 constellation.”


“I returned to ELSYS Design in 2017, a “homecoming”.


There was the opportunity to develop the design office activity in Grenoble and they were looking for experienced people to consolidate the teams in charge of fixed-price projects.


I also have the role of domain lead, covering all electronics areas […] which currently allows me to manage and supervise hardware development activities.”


“I spoke about two essential pillars at ELSYS Design: passion and excellence. There is a third one that seems as important to me when joining our company, and that is team spirit.


To be able to deliver our projects, we must work as a project team: people who focus on hardware, others on FPGA, others on embedded software, or even mechanics.


All this to carry out a project, for a given client. This is how we get there today at ELSYS Design.”


“The DevOps sector is constantly evolving, we spend a lot of time questioning ourselves, learning from others, training ourselves and evolving the internal environment with the aim of providing our engineers with turnkey solutions.


In terms of technologies, we try to select tools that are both modern, but mature enough to be used.”


“What makes me eager to come to work in the morning is that I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy a certain freedom in the way I carry out my actions, as long as they are in the interest of AViSTO and within my perimeter.


Another very positive aspect is the fact of evolving in modern technological stacks, either open source or Microsoft, which also pleases all employees.”


“On the client side, they have complex needs, they need us to support them on the subjects, to understand their issues and to build a solution.


This aspect of building a solution with the client, with the team, having discussions in the preparation/architecture phase then in the implementation phase […] I like building the solution for the client, so bringing the whole team towards this result.”


“Beyond local customers, we are fortunate to have our technical management based in Sophia-Antipolis.


This allows us to have large-scale projects for different clients, at the national level. »

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ELSYS Design welcomes junior engineers in the areas of:







AViSTO welcomes junior engineers in the areas of:







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ELSYS Eastern Europe welcomes junior engineers in the areas of electronics, embedded software and application software.

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AVISTO Eastern Europe

AViSTO Eastern Europe welcomes junior engineers in the area of DevOps, application software and embedded software.



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