Map, visualize and share projects

Map, visualize and share projects

Our client manages a network and carries out all the associated technical interventions.He is responsible for leading projects linking a multitude of stakeholders and requiring the exchange of a large amount of data.A collaborative web platform has therefore been created to map, visualize and share projects.

Why a collaborative web platform

Our client runs a large network and has many issues; let’s describe two of them.First of all, in order to facilitate exchanges and negotiate for the modalities of intervention with the local authorities, it was necessary to synthesize a multitude of information from numerous sources and to make it clear.Then, its programs are often carried out in urban areas in full evolution, impacted by many development projects. The best way to superimpose the information of our client to the reality of the public space is to do it visually: a city map with the above information is more effective than miles of Excel files!

How the web platform works

The web platform is based on the QGIS geographic information system (published under the GPL license). A first module retrieves all open data of urban planning. Our client has superimposed a number of information, including its investment programs. Visualization of these investment programs is what AViSTO has done.

Example of use of the module developed by AViSTO

Let’s take the case of an intervention in a school. Several entities of our client are involved. Several months before the intervention, one of the people could have written in an email “attention, it is necessary to intervene in summer because it is a school”. And since we receive 150 emails a day, the information could have been forgotten.From now on, on an OpenStreetMap map, our client visualizes all its investment programs with their associated information (e.g. “intervention in summer”).

Furthermore, integrated communication tools enable a better sharing of data between our customer entities.

Finally, the software keeps all the information in memory, which makes it possible to carry forward unrealized cases from one year to another.

Our client talks about his collaboration with AViSTO

“First, AViSTO assisted us in the functional coordination of the project. The proposed working method, based on Agile Scrum concept, has revealed itself very relevant to define a simple and user-friendly software that meets the expectations of our entities.

On the technical level, work was very precise, efficient and transparent, for example thanks to weekly reporting meetings.

Thus, I can say that a relationship of trust was established with the AViSTO team. If we need to launch new developments following the deployment phase of the web platform, we will not hesitate to contact you.”