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Human management

During your interview, we will certainly ask you what you wish to do. Why? Because we want to know your professional project in order to define with you the outline of your career inside the ADVANS Group for the years to come.

Once with us, we will do a regular reviews as part of a project monitoring, annual reviews, or the informal way around a meal or at the coffee machine. This proximity works all the better that all of our business managers have a technical background, and most of them worked as a consultant.

Career evolution

Need inspiration to define your career path inside the ADVANS Group? To simplify, three paths frequently occur:



Here, you usually start as a design engineer or a software development engineer and, after gaining experience in several projects, you evolve into system architect or technical expert positions.


Following a successful experience as a design engineer of software development engineer, he/she evolves towards the management of a team. He/she plans, manages the different aspects of the project on a daily basis and is the privileged interface with the customer.


After a technical path, the ADVANS Group business manager sets up the technical and commercial solution in response to customer needs. He does business development, identifies internally the available engineers adapted to the different projects (or recruits them) and takes care of the career follow-up of his engineers.

These are only some typical paths, yours remains to write!

For more information about the main engineering jobs inside the ADVANS Group, please visit the job description section.


To remain at the forefront of electronics, software and mechanic technologies, we continuously invest in the training of our staff members.
In the same way, the evolution towards new managerial responsibilities can be prepared by following a dedicated course.

At least once a year, during the annual review you will do with your business manager, you will discuss together the skills you want to develop and the conditions to do it.

Inside the ADVANS Group, there are several types of training, including:

  • Ongoing technical training, enabled by the capitalization of the know-how developed within the company,
  • Training on new tools and methodologies,
  • Training to prepare an evolution in your job position.

Customer portfolio

Over almost 20 years of activity, the ADVANS Group has created a particularly rich client portfolio, composed of major accounts, technology SMEs and start-ups, spread across a very large number of industries.

During your career inside the ADVANS Group, followed by your business manager, you will have the opportunity to discover many areas of activity, or on the contrary to specialize in a particular industry you are specially interested in.


Inside the ADVANS Group, you will have a wealth of professional experience, develop sought-after skills and the opportunity to continue your career advancement to positions of responsibility.

For example, Florent from ELSYS Design, who was first a trainee in hardware design, who then became a board engineer, and who is now an electronic project manager with the responsibility for a dedicated design center.

Or Christophe, who was first a software development engineer, then a project manager, a business manager, a regional manager and who is today the AViSTO’s operations director.


In addition to their salary, the ADVANS Group engineers working in France have a number of significant benefits that should be mentioned.

Here are the main advantages:

Permanent contract

RTT Days off

``1% logement`` in France

Health insurance / Benefit plan / Supplementary pension

Transport expenses

Works Council

Annual seminar

Lunch vouchers

Cooptation bonus

Flexible work schedules

Holiday vouchers

Holiday bonus