Our vision

A core team of engineers started the ADVANS GROUP adventure in 2000 ; today, it has more than 1000 members.


As a group, we already joined the short-list of European leaders in electronics system design ; we want to become the number one.

Object Oriented Programming

Software engineering market is wide, with many powerful players. We are positionned on the object oriented programming niche, where we steadily grow year after year. We want to keep on this path.


At the end of 2012, in response to our customers' request, we have launched a new engineering activity in the area of mechanics of structures and systems (including calculation of structures and thermal simulation). To start, we want to propose this offer to our exhisting customer base and then expand it to the whole market place.


Since its inception in 2000, ADVANS GROUP leads projects in the innovation area (design of technology platforms, development of software frameworks, foundation of innovative companies) ; this forms part of our group DNA.

This strategy has two main goals :

  • Accelerate the time to market of our customers
  • Enable us to remain at the forefront of technology

We have done it since the group was born, that’s a road we keep on following.