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A group of engineers, for engineers

ADVANS GROUP was founded by engineers, and our management team is composed of engineers. It means that we understand your professional expectations and hopes. We will strive to help you make them come true.

Talented teams

We have gathered teams of high-level engineers in the fields of electronic systems design, object oriented software and mechanics of structures & systems. Whether you are a junior engineer or an experienced one, our group is a place where you will be challenged to find the best solutions for the technical issues you will face. Year after year, you will improve in your engineering specialty.

A wide array of customers, projects and job positions

ADVANS GROUP has a base of more than 200 customers, working in more than a dozen industries.
Along your professional life inside ADVANS GROUP, you will be part of projects in different industries, with different intervention modes – consultancy, turn-key, development centers… In short, we have an numerous job positions, located in different countries ; career advancement inside our group is a reality.