Interns & Apprentices

Interns & Apprentices:
Prepare ideally your entrance on the labor market

Why should you do your internship or your dual education with us?

The several companies of Advans Group welcome every year interns and apprentices who will soon have an engineer degree.

This way, you will practice and deepen what you learned in classes, discover technologies used in the industry, while following our proven work methods.

During your internship or your dual education, you’ll be integrated in a project-team and be managed by an experienced engineer. Thus ideally prepare your entry in the world of work.

Selection Mode

The number of internship or apprenticeship opportunities depends on the projects in progress. In any case, you can send your application at any moment; it will be studied with care.

We then invite candidates to meet each other in one of our technical centers.

Every year, we receive a lot of applications in response to a reduced number of offers in order to ensure quality work placements. If, unfortunately, we can’t hire you this time, don’t hesitate to apply again when you’re looking for your first job!

Come meet us!

Every year, we participate in a lot of special events for students like forums in universities, lectures-discussions, job fairs, and so on. We also organize open house days, for instance in our Paris technical center.

The goal of these meetings are to make discover jobs and skills of the several Advans Group companies, to reveal our many careers’ opportunities, and, if you need, to help you consolidate your career plans.

We often meet our interns for the first time in one of these events. If you want to put all the chances on your side, come talk with us!

To apply

Offers are available on the following company websites:

Spontaneous applications will be sent to drh(at)avisto(dot)com, drh(at)elsys-design(dot)com, drh(at)mecagine(dot)com or tanja.romann-HR(at)tes-dst(dot)com.

A last word

Every year, over 90% of our interns want to continue to work in Advans Group and sign their first open ended contract with us. What about you?