Young Engineers

Young Engineers:
Get a unique professional experience

A varied professional experience…

Passionate about technologies, you will have the opportunity to implement them in many high-tech industries.

For instance, in aeronautics where you will deal with strong constraints in terms of robustness, while strictly complying with avionics standards. Or, in the area of multimedia, where technologies are more recent but the time to market is reduced to the maximum.

…With leading companies…

Advans Group partners with more than 200 companies, mainly key account customers and high tech SMEs. These companies know the quality of our engineers and approve our recruitment process.

This way, besides the constitution of a strong experience inside a group that is recognized for its expertise, you will add prestigious client references to your resume.

…Which will allow you to move towards high responsibility positions

The diversity of projects, work environment and technologies will allow you to acquire a set of skills, to differentiate yourself and, that way, you will evolve to high responsibility jobs such as project manager, technical leader or technical manager.

To apply

Offers are available on the following company websites:

Spontaneous applications will be sent to drh(at)avisto(dot)com, drh(at)elsys-design(dot)com, drh(at)mecagine(dot)com or tanja.romann-HR(at)tes-dst(dot)com.