Experienced Engineers

Experienced Engineers:
Professional realization in a high-tech environment

Join the technical and management team of ADVANS Group

Advans Group is a European player specializing in complex projects in the areas of electronic systems, application software and mechanics.

In addition to its engineering services, the group develops technology solutions (software framework for HMI, embedded infotainment platform, IP ...), spins-off innovative companies and backs them.

You are an experienced engineer, who wish to get a high responsibility job and to take on new challenges? Then read the following!

Profiles sought

Technical expertise

Specialized in a job or having a particular technical expertise, you like to tackle complex technical issues in high-tech environments.

To do so, you are able to use your many past experiences, but also showing a lot of creativity.

Examples of typical job opportunities: architect, technical expert, skill expert.

Technical management

Passionate, you want to stay close to technical activities and to be fully involved in every stage of project development.

You like to plan the work, manage a team, deal with ramp up and decrease of workloads and keep the client informed about projects' progress; all of this in close relationships with your company’s business manager.

Examples of typical job opportunities: project manager, services center manager.

Sales management

With an engineering background, you proved your technical skills.

Since then, you advanced towards a sales oriented role (or you want to), ideally in the field of engineering services.

You’re looking for a complete job which combines sales prospection/monitoring, but also engineers' recruitment and the monitoring of their carreers.

Examples of typical job opportunities: junior business manager, design center manager.

Why join us

Technical culture

Every company of Advans Group was founded and is daily managed by engineers. Technical teams and commercial structure are also composed only by engineers. Technology belongs to the group’s DNA.

High-tech projects

At Advans Group, we position ourselves on high-tech projects in the fields of electronics, software and mechanics. We like to take on technical challenges for our clients but also for our own internal projects (such as IP, embedded platforms, start-up …)

An SME spirit within an intermediate size group

You want to invest yourself in a dynamic structure, with a quick decision making?

In a group that kept its SME spirit, in spite of a high growth?

This is the moment to join us!

To apply

Offers are available on the following company websites:

Spontaneous applications will be sent to drh(at)avisto(dot)com, drh(at)elsys-design(dot)com, drh(at)mecagine(dot)com.