Advans Group proposes high-tech engineering services, develops technology solutions (software framework for HMI, embedded infotainment platform, IP, ...) and fosters innovation.

We support three promising start-ups in the areas of Enriched Video Content, big data and the Internet of Things.

Wildmoka – Reshape Media


Wildmoka is a technology company established in Paris & the French Riviera, which develops an Agile Media Cloud introducing new ways of distributing, consuming and valuating video content.

Wildmoka is offering towards mass media, content owners, and service providers, solutions to promote content on social media, to monetize archives, and to value key moments.

With live deployments for major customers like Orange in France and AT&T in the US combined with worldwide partnerships with Microsoft and Advans Group, Wildmoka has become in a few months a leading player in its domain.

Here is a video introducing Orange TVClipping solution:

UPMEM – Empower Data


In standard server architectures, Big Data processing performance is limited by memory bandwidth and latency. UPMEM solution can accelerate 20+ times data intensive applications thanks to a large and scalable number of co-processors located next to the data.

At the beginning of this video (until 3'15), you will see UPMEM CEO introducing the company and its technology:

Lucie Labs – Internet of Things

Lucie Labs is a EU-based start-up that focuses on developing technologies/products within the IoT (Internet of Things) area. Its mission is to reinvent how we experience and interact with lighting.

The latest product based on Lucie Labs technology is a connected shoe.

Video introducing the Hype8 Kicks: